Concept to creation, we build beautiful branded experiences
From concept to creation, we build beautiful branded experiences.
Foorj creates impactful installations and unique physical assets for brand activations and live events.

Extra-Strength Creative Relief

Take advantage of our full-service approach -- stay calm, cool, and collected while we sort out the details.

At the drafting table and on the show floor, we are a dependable partner whose work is trusted by top industry brands. There's no stick of butter our hot knife can't melt.

Create Experiences that Engage...

When you captivate attention and give an audience something to remember, you're repaid with the ability to broadcast and cement your message. It's a two-way street.

Event installations and on-site display elements are manifestations of your brand, and provide a real-world conduit straight to the core of your audience's imagination. We work with you to dream and build elements which gobble up attention and transmit your messaging directly to your target.

...and Involve Immersive Technology

New technology can seem almost like magic. Live VR engagements have the potential to throw participants through a loop of sensory excitement, and visually arresting Motion Capture displays will leave them asking "how did they do that?"

It's our job to wrestle together a mix of advanced tech solutions in a way that results in an impactful experience tailored to your marketing goals.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Entertainment Engineers

Rich experiences often require technology you can't buy off the shelf, and on-site issues require swift action and nimble thinking to avoid the dreaded dead air.

Our engineers have logged thousands of hours of on-set production time. Solutions are crafted with care, and advance technical planning ensures everything runs smoothly on the day.

World-Class Presentation Materials

Great ideas are worth presenting properly -- imagination is a wonderful thing, but decision-makers need the details all laid out.

We craft our client decks and campaign dossiers to pack a punch, hoping you'll use them to win support for your ideas.

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